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Robinson Associates has experience in handling various types of submissions including, but not limited to:

~Section 3 - New Active Ingredients
~Section 3 Registrations
~Section 3 Subregistrations
~Section 24(c) Registrations
~Section 5 Registrations
~Label Amendments
~Additional Brand Names
~Alternate Formulas
~Transfer of Registrations
~25(b) Registrations

Help develop procedures to eliminate sales of unregistered pesticides

The firm also provides the following services:

~Registrations outside of California.
~Interpreting California's Code of Regulations, the California Administrative Code and Legislative Bills;
~Renewing registered products prior to the end of the year;
~Contracting out toxicological, chemical and other required field studies;
~Updating California label files for compliance with federal labeling requirements pursuant to 40 CFR, 
  156.10, EPA's PR Notices and EPA Registration Standards.
~Air Quality issues with the California Air Resources Board.
~Proposition 65 issues.
~EPA registrations issues as they apply to California.