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As regulatory activities become more complex and challenging, it becomes increasingly difficult to achieve compliance with various government mandated policies.

Having a dedicated firm responsible for California's regulatory program can free up valuable time for you to concentrate on the rest of the United States as well as EPA. This can also help with your customers who wish to do business in California by having your regulatory agenda(s) completed in a timely manner.

~All submissions be accurate and complete to ensure efficient and orderly processing.

~Robinson Associates has in-depth experience in processing various types of submissions and the insight to foresee costly 

~Each submission will receive a thorough analysis to identify potential causes for delays, corrected and formatted according 
  to DPR's policy.

~Follow-up on all submissions will be accomplished by working directly with DPR's staff to expedite the processing of all 
  submissions while maintaining constant communication as to its progress.

These services can be provided at one-third to one-half the cost given that one does not have to pay benefits, retirement, social security, or taxes.

Proper timing in obtaining registration is very critical to marketing success.